A WildCat Taxi

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A WildCat Taxi


For a ride, call 208-301-2175.

What sets A WildCat Taxi apart from the rest?

Professional driving experience and customer service level!

A WildCat Taxi was founded with a vision, to provide the highest quality of transportation and customer service at an affordable rate. With commitment to our local communities to offer unparalleled customer service, reliable transportation, prepared for any driving conditions, with professional, experienced, friendly drivers full of compassion for you the customer.

We go that extra mile where it’s needed. Whether it be help with groceries to your door, companionship while shopping, running errands or just help getting you, to where you need to go on time. We think that’s what sets us apart from a traditional taxi or ride share. We are there for you and your transportation needs. Local, Friendly, familiar, faces, striving to give you a wonderful transportation experience, at affordable rates by the run or by the hour.

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